Verbal Education Return/Refund Policy

The Verbal Education Guarantee

Verbal Education guarantees that its program will improve your SAT/ACT scores or your money back - no questions asked.

Here’s how our guarantee works:
  1. This guarantee assumes you have already taken the SAT or ACT once already within 6 months of buying the Verbal Education program.
  2. Take the Verbal Education program and complete all modules so you do not miss any of the question/answer combinations. It is important that you complete every single module, in the order required by the program - this is a building block learning system so it is very important you complete all tasks in order.
  3. Take the SAT/ACT (again).
  4. Send us copies of your earlier test results and your latest test results (reflecting a test date after completion of the Verbal Education program per #1 above) and if your post Verbal Education test results are lower in the verbal section we will give you another three months of Verbal Education absolutely free; OR, we will refund your money in full.


The Verbal Education program is a computer based learning system - what we are selling you are educational services that can not be returned because, by their nature, such services are ephemeral (yes, that’s a word in the SAT verbal skills section).

We assume that you have verified that your computer system meets our minimum system requirements, and that you are committed to improving your SAT/ACT scores. And we assume that you will have taken advantage of our exemplary customer service to resolve any issues you may encounter in the use of the Verbal Education program.

But - that said, if for any reason you are dissatisfied with the Verbal Education program before completing all of the modules, we will refund your money in full - but not without trying to talk you into trying again, or using one of our other products or services! After you have completed the Verbal Education program there is no refund, but see our guarantee, above.