How Parents Can Help Their Kids

Parents can be a game-changer in their children’s education. But mothers and fathers don’t always know exactly what they can do, especially as their children advance to the upper grades. So here are some tips for parents on how to best assist their children.

Know How Important Vocabulary Is. Know that words are the most valuable things your children can acquire because vocabulary is the cornerstone of reading, and reading is the foundation of all learning. Without a good vocabulary learning anything, including science, math, and technology is impossible.

Play Word Games. After playing Verbal Education, play more word games with your kids. Dozens of Vocabulary Games and Lessons are available on this website. After playing Verbal Education, your children will have all the skills they need to play these games and complete the lessons.

Talk To Your Kids with Verbal Education Words. Talk to your kids about high level words and use high level words. If you feel you’re a little rusty, play Verbal Education yourself to polish up your vocabulary. Your participation in your child’s vocabulary growth is invaluable.

Watch Movies and TV with Your Kids. Use movies and television shows to help grow vocabulary. When you’re watching a TV show, commercial, or a movie and a new word comes up, wait for a break in the dialogue, and ask your offspring if they know that word. If they don’t, DON’T TELL THEM TO LOOK IT UP. Tell them the word’s meaning and, together, come up with a way for your child to remember the word and definition based on one of the mnemonics in Verbal Education.

Some movies and shows are more vocabulary-rich than others. Try to steer your kids towards these. For example, The Devil Wears Prada uses words like incubus, blithely, Cerulean, and expressions like glacial pace, viral plague, and gird your loins.
The Big Bang Theory is rife with high level vocabulary. Watch and learn together.

Watch What Your Kids Are Reading. Don’t think that as long as your kids are reading, their reading skills and vocabulary are increasing. If they are in high school and are reading fourth grade level books, their reading skills and vocabulary stay stagnate. For example, Harry Potter is a very interesting book but it’s on a fourth grade reading level.

If they aren’t reading books at or above grade level, they are not improving any skills that will help them on the Common Core Tests, in high school, in college, or the workplace.

Be a Cheerleader. When your kids start playing Verbal Education, get ready to hear words and phrases that you have never heard uttered from their lips before. Be impressed, be encouraging, and respond in kind to their efforts to master the English language. Your positive reaction will fuel greater interaction with high level words.

Enjoy Their Success. As your kids learn more high level words, their reading skills will increase, they will be learning more, understanding more and earning higher scores on standardized tests that employ high level vocabulary like the SAT and ACT, and Common Core Tests.