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The Bad News

According to Forbes, the #1 lie colleges tell prospective students is that "Standardized test (SAT and ACT) scores are less and less important . . . In the perverse rankings world, more rejections equal a higher ranking . . . so, schools are using SAT and ACT scores to make a fast, easy cut of the applicant pool."

Rejection sucks! You do not want to be in the pool that is cut.

For most students, your score is the single most important factor admissions officers use when deciding your fate.

The Good News is:

The SAT’s and ACT’s are beatable! VerbalEducation.com has a patented, super fun and effortless system that is guaranteed to raise your score.

Imagine how you will feel when you raise your SAT score by 150 points. Think about it: You take this score with you for your entire life! Nothing in education endures longer than a top SAT score -- Except earning a degree from your dream school.

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